This page presents the structure of SC C2

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Chairwoman : Susanna de Graaff

Secretary : Vinay Sewdien

Advisory Groups

AG SCC2Management team SCC2Chairman and the Secretary 

Working groups - Task forces

C2 WGs   
C2.11Substation Control systems in light of recent developments in Substation Control (work completed)Michael Power2007*
C2.12Applications of Synchronised Phasor Measurement in Power SystemsTBD 
C2.13 Thales Papazoglou2007
C2.14Requirement on design and implementation of Restoration Tools and ProceduresTBD 
C2.15Common Information Model and its prospective use in power system operationsTBD 
C2.16 Michael Power2011
C2.21 Ben Li2010*
C2.22 Teresa Smit2009
C2.23 Ben Li2013
C2.31Joint and coordinated development of operators in control centre from different companies and nationalities (work completed)Udo Spanel2007*
C2.32Emergency organisation in control centres crisis management in system operation (work completed)Christian Fontaine2007*
C2.33 Ninel Cukalevski2009*
C2.34 Udo Spanel2009
C2.35 Ninel Cukalevski2013
JWG C2/C5Development and changes in the Business of System OperatorsOle Gjerde2000
JWG C1/C2/C6Coping with Limits for High Penetration of Renewable Energy  
JWG C2/C4.37Recommendations for Systematic Framework Design of Power System Stability ControlYongjie Fang2015
JWG C2/C6.36System Operation Emphasising DSO/TSO Interaction and Co-OrdinationMichael Power2015

* WGs have completed their tasks