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Here is the list of the SC C2 Advisory and Working Groups which are presently active.

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WG SC C2.13

Voltage and Var support in System Operation

WG SC C2.16

Challenges in the control centre (EMS) due to distributed Generation and Renewables

WG SC C2.22

Application of resilience engineering to safety management principles in Control Centers, ensuring and enhancing power system reliability

WG SC C2.23

System Restoration Procedure and Practices

WG SC C2.34

Capabilities and requirements of a control centre in the 21st century- Functional and Human Resources view

WG SC C2.35

Operations Performance, Trainings Goals and Operator Performance Measurement

JWG SC C2/C4.37

Recommendations for Systematic Framework Design of Power System Stability Control

JWG SC C2/C5.05

Developments and changes in the Business of System Operators

JWG SC C2/C6.36

System Operation Emphasising DSO/TSO Interaction and Co-Ordination