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CIGRE Session 45

Preferential Subjects for Paris 2014 are listed in the Call for Papers below

CIGRE Session 45 General Programme (pdf, 2MB)

CIGRE Session 45 - Call for Papers (pdf, 306kB)

Preferential Subjects SC C2:

PS1: Managing new challenges in operational planning and real-time operation of Electric Power Systems
  • Stability analysis, monitoring and control (i.e. voltage and frequency control, phase angle stability).
  • Use of line loadability and dynamic ratings.
  • Ancillary services, including operational reserves.
 PS2:Emerging Operational Issues for Transmission and Distribution Interaction 
  • Transmission, distribution and consumers Interfaces.
  • Control centres and market operator interfaces.
  • Education and training of operators.
  • Visibility and awareness of operation issues.
  • Modelling needs and data interchange.
  • Controllability of distributed generation.
  • Fault level managemen

Important Documents, Templates, etc.: 

Technical Meeting

C2 Special Report 2014 (pdf, 60kB)

Note for intended contributors (pdf, 27kB)

2014 Guide for Discussion Contributors (pdf, 586kB)

2014 Chairmen & Special Reporters (pdf, 33kB)

Contribution sample page (docx, 36kB)

2014 Contribution template final version (pptx, 559kB)

Poster Session 

Agenda PosterSessions_2014 (pptx, 271kB)

Guide for POSTER SESSIONS 2014 (pdf, 105kB)

Dimensions Of A Paper Sizes (pdf, 82kB)

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CIGRE Session 44

  • August 26 - August 31, 2012 
  • Paris (France)


Preferential Subjects for Paris 2012 are listed in the Call for Papers below

Call for Papers (PDF, 2MB)

Information about the Session (general programme, technical programme, registration)

Cigré Session (htm, 25kB)